Making better social worlds
one conversation at a time.

We create the social worlds
within which we live.


FYI (Fisher Yoshida International) partners with clients to develop improved and more meaningful relationships. We do this by following processes and principles that develop self-awareness, facilitate conversations, enhance cross-cultural effectiveness, impact productivity, and all toward creating better social worlds.


Our Process


We partner with our clients to build on their knowledge and experience with our expertise using an iterative process of collaboration and effective communication. We co-create the future using a variety of models, tools, and processes adapted to your specific needs by

  • Mapping what is
  • Framing what will be
  • Strategizing how to get there
  • Implementing the plan
  • Evaluating the progress

Developing self-awareness to highlight what is important to us and to understand the impact we have on others.

Facilitating conversations so they are more effective and productive even if they are about difficult topics.

Enhancing cross-cultural effectiveness because the world we live in is increasingly diverse and multicultural.

Impacting productivity because at the end of the day people thrive on their accomplishments and so do their work environments.

Creating better social worlds so that we can live fuller and more meaningful lives.

Social World

We have three principles
that are always in motion.



In our relationships we work toward coordination so that we are in sync with those around us, dancing to the same beat.



As humans we strive for internal coherence to understand what is taking place, how it impacts us, what it means to us.



Life is complex with many moving pieces causing ambiguity, so we embrace the mystery and approach it with a mindset of curiosity.


These are based on the foundational influences of CMM, Coordinated Management of Meaning, because we believe we create the social worlds within which we live and so it is up to us to make these social worlds better.


Our practices are grounded in a set of core
values that permeate all of our
communication, actions and decisions.

Our Values

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