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I am so excited to present two big developments at Fisher Yoshida International: The launch of our brand new consulting website ( and the expansion of our New York consultant company!

But first, I wanted to tell you a bit about myself, since I’ll be handling most of the communications going forward. My name is Ria Yoshida, and yes, the last name is a giveaway. If you haven’t already guessed, Beth Fisher Yoshida, the CEO and founder, is my mother. And now, she’s also my boss.

Some time ago, Beth asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told her that I wanted to join the family business. Mind you, this isn’t a traditional mom-and-pop shop. Beth started Fisher Yoshida International in 1995. She consults with Fortune 500 global companies, government agencies, small businesses, military and security organizations, non-profits, school districts, and academic institutions.

When I told her I wanted to work with her, it changed our relationship — for the better! I have a newfound appreciation and understanding of how meaningful our work is. It has been extraordinary for me to learn about the nuances of working at a boutique consultant firm. Each successful partnership with our clients has been a unique opportunity to learn how significant human relationships are in business. Who better to learn that from then my mentor, Beth?

Clearly, the task to integrate into Beth’s complex and dynamic business world and her world of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia University would be a large one.

I asked myself, “How can I engage with the vast community she has built over the course of 25+ years?”

Voila, the official FYI blog was born!

I want to use this platform to update you on our current events, psychological musings, writing, research and more. I strongly believe in the work we are doing, and hope to foster better social worlds, one conversation at a time.

So many of you have been active with FYI for years, and for that we are extremely grateful. We would love to hear even more from you!

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Yours truly,

Ria Yoshida & the FYI Team