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Consumer Goods, Education, Environment, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Infrastructure Development, Insurance, Non-profit, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas

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North America – US, Canada, Mexico  Asia – Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, India  Australia  Middle East – Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Dubai  Europe – France, England, Germany, Italy, Greece, Belgium  Central & South America – Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rico  Africa – Nigeria, South Africa, Sierra Leone, CAR, Guinea, Kenya, Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mali, Libya


Our company works to customize a plan of action to help your business thrive.
Here are some sample industries which we have successfully worked with.

Communication – We work with clients so they can be more intentional in their communication: choosing what to say and how; choosing what not to say. These are choices with consequences. The communication goal is to align our intentions with the impact we desire to have. Our relationships are made in communication and the way we communicate impacts the quality of the relationships we are making.

Conflict Resolution – Conflicts are part of everyday life and in many cases they are not resolved well. FYI has developed leading-edge approaches and tools to address conflicts at multiple levels including interpersonal, intra- and inter-group. We assess the scope, intensity, duration, complexity, emotional level and power dynamics to make recommendations for suitable interventions. We understand that context and building capacity plays a significant role and we take all of that into consideration. We do this through a participatory process with involved stakeholders using systemic mapping, capturing identity narratives and transforming the stories by which we live.

Cross-Cultural Competence – Our global experiences inform our practice as we work across cultures facilitating conversations and group processes. The diversity in our work space has been steadily increasing and the meaning assigned to the concept of work differs from culture to culture. We strive to bring alignment and collaboration to people needing to work together.

Education – Schools are microcosms of the communities within which they are located. We work with school leadership and faculty to co-create the educational systems that best meet the needs of the students. We use participatory processes that engage all stakeholder groups.

Environment – We deploy technology aimed at eliminating the practice of natural gas flaring, capturing and recycling industrial chemicals, remediating environmental contaminants, and performing oil spill cleanup. In natural gas, we target stranded gas associated with remote oil wells. This gas would normally be flared, creating green house gases, but we can produce commercial grade products at the well site while at the same time generating electricity and fresh water for the local community. In industrial chemicals and remediation, we capture contaminants and chemicals and reclaim them for reuse to reduce greenhouse gases, industrial waste, and environmental pollution. Finally, in oil spill cleanup we capture and separate oil and water and then process the oil into commercial products rather than landfilling.  See More

Executive Coaching – Our executive coaching program provides opportunities for high potential individuals and groups to identify the areas in which they want to improve. We customize these programs for individual coaching sessions. They are practical steps toward creating alternative ways of achieving excellent performance. This can be done one-on-one or in small groups.

Infrastructure Development – We match global technical partners with local companies for engineering, procurement, construction (EPC); maintenance; and project management. We seek to work with State and Federal Governments in Nigeria to provide solutions in diverse industries to design, construct and maintain complex and challenging capital projects.

Leadership Innovation – Together we build on the existing leadership skills of visioning, inspiring, communicating, deciding, caring, adapting and learning. We do this within leadership development programs and ongoing coaching sessions. Part of being a good leader is to nurture and develop others as part of succession planning.  We partner to build development programs for aspiring and future leaders.

Negotiation – We work with clients to customize their negotiation practices so they are better prepared and achieve better outcomes. Clients are more equipped to foster long-term relationships because they have the mindset, attitude and skills necessary for collaborative negotiation processes for mutual benefits. Through the use of preparation checklists and practice sessions clients are prepared for the many twists and turns that manifest in a negotiation.

Oil and Gas – We identify technical partners for upstream exploration and production operations, finance and investing. Our experts look at Integrity Management (IM) as life cycle applications relevant to all phases of various upstream equipment and pipeline assets financed. Our midstream technology for stranded gas recovery and processing to various feedstock gases provide cost effective applications for civil infrastructure timeline needs. Our technology takes flared gas, a waste product, and gives it added value by creating LNG, methane, pentane, and propane feedstock gases. Further, our applications are able to capture hot air vapors from electric utility producing turbines and create fresh drinking water. FYI ‘s downstream strategies source end user refineries for crude oil trade. We rely on these processors to provide refined products at competitive prices to meet Africa’s daily scarcity of Premium Motor Spirits (PMS), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) for household cooking needs. See More

Performance Management – We work with clients to design more functional performance management systems. We do this through workshops and coaching to frame feedback constructively. People performing to their full potential make productive workplaces. This requires providing the balance of support and challenge and sometimes difficult conversations when giving constructive feedback.

Public Speaking – We can speak about current topics and can present in interesting ways. Our vast range of experience permits us to speak on a spectrum of topics, to a variety of audiences, in multiple contexts, cultures and languages. We can give keynote speeches and presentations to both large audiences and small gatherings.

Team Effectiveness – We work with teams face-to-face, virtual, temporary or long-term. We establish norms and practices to fulfill tasks and build relationships in the most effective, efficient and rewarding ways possible. Most teams today are multicultural and multifunctional with different understandings of what it means to be a team member. Teamwork is the way in which we are able to manage complicated and complex work environments.

Structured Finance -FYI advises on facilitation and funding for structured financial solutions. We use a wide range of innovative formulas for assisting fast growing companies to their next step, including working capital, credit risk and general business structuring. Our expertise is in creating bespoke solutions for clients, which means FYI has no prerequisite on structuring boundaries. FYI will be the first choice for small and medium enterprise companies, developing business and organizational structures from manufacturing through logistics delivery. We are determined to support companies in reaching their goals in a comprehensive, committed and sustained way.

Systemic Change – Change is constant. Successful organizations revisit their vision, mission, goals and strategic plans to keep up with constant demands to be agile and responsive. Including stakeholder contributions encourages commitment to new endeavors. We facilitate participatory processes within and between organizations to elicit innovative and practical ideas for implementation.